DR. Kim jong woo

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  • · 2014 메디컬코리아 대상 수상

ㆍ강의 활동

  • 2013.12.19 Merz

    full facial rejuvenation using Merz's full portfolios

  • 2014.04.09 Daewoong

    Full face rejuvenation using Daewoong Nabota

  • 2014.06.24 Sinclairg

    Ellanse - A touch of Youth

  • 2015.04.15 Sinclairg

    Hands-on Live Seminar with Dr. Luca from Italy

  • 2015.07.30 Merz

    Medical cheek augmentation using HA filler in Asians - Bali, Indonesia

  • 2016.10.11 Merz

    One puncture, one injection point HEART-LINE filler procedure using Belotero (Lidocaine) and Diluted Radiesse

  • 2017.05.06 Merz

    Merz Masterclass Singapore: What's hot in Korean Aesthetics: Radiesse Best Clinical Practices

  • 2017.07.01 Merz

    Merz Aesthetic Awards ceremony

  • 2017.07.30 Merz

    Merz Masterclass lecture in Singapore

  • 2017.08.01 Merz

    Merz head office employee training lecture

  • 2017.08.02 Merz

    Merz on Air: 피곤해 보이는 얼굴에 볼륨과 탄력을 더해주는 중안면 시술

  • 2017.09.10 DEMIRE

    Combination Treatment for Mid-face Beautification

  • 2017.10.17 KALDAT

    인상, 이미지, 필러와 보툴리눔 독소
    콜라겐 스티뮬레이팅 필러의 현재와 오늘
    주름/함몰 리프팅 1 - 눈꼬리 및 눈밑 주름 치료
    윤곽주사 후처치와 부작용 치료

  • 2017.11.16 Merz

    Hands-on Live Seminar with Dr. Sonja Sattler from Frankfurt, Germany

  • 2018.02.04 GALAA

    4th GALAA international conference in Bangkok, Thailand

  • 2018.04.18 N-finders

    Hands-on Live thread insertion workshop with 10 South Korean Doctors

  • 2018.04.22 Hugel

    Hugel Live-injection workshop with 20 South Korean Doctors

  • 2018.04.28 KALDAT

    KALDAT international conference in Manila, Philippines

  • 2018.05.07 Merz

    Merz Masterclass lecture: HEART-LINE Filler procedure using BELOTERO and RADIESSE

  • 2018.05.19 Merz

    Radiesse Institute: Collagen rejuvenation and lifting effect using Radiesse

  • 2018.05.26 APEM

    APEM (Asia PDO thread Experts Meeting) in Hong Kong

  • 2018.05.27 KALDAT

    팔자주름 처리에 특화된 실리프팅
    매부리코 교정 블록강의: 필러와 실로 교정 방법과 수술로 교정하는 방법의 총정리

  • 2018.06.09 ISDS

    ISDS (International Society for Dermatologic and Aesthetic Surgery) Rome, Italy

  • 2018.06.26 Hugel

    Hands-on Live Seminar with 15 Doctors from Philippines: Volumizing and Thread lifting combination treatment

  • 2018.06.30 LG

    A.B.C Symposium : 이브아르를 이용하여 아릅답고 매력적인 인상 만들기

  • 2018.10.21 WONCA

    22nd WONCA World conference 2018 Seoul, Korea

  • 2018.10.28 Hugel

    H.E.L.F Symposium: Making of smooth and feminine facial curves by combination treatment

  • 2018.10.31 N-finders

    눈가전용실+필러 융합시술을 통한 눈가주름, 눈밑꺼짐, 다크서클 교정시술

  • 2018.11.11 LG

    Y-Solution을 이용하여 아름답고 매력적인 인상 만들기

  • 2018.12.02 KALDAT

    Filler Injection: Periorbital, pretarsal area

  • 2019.03.13 N-finders

    N-scaffold실과 필러를 이용한 눈밑주름 및 다크서클 교정 시술

  • 2019.03.21 Daehan Nupharm

    My Personal Filler Injection Review With Pictures and Video

  • 2019.04.28 GALAA

    5th GALAA international conference in Bangkok, Thailand

  • 2019.05.19 KALDAT

    Safe filler injection technique for the full face based on anatomical knowledge
    Consideration of total accumulative toxin units for whole body botulinum toxin injections

  • 2019.06.29 IMACE

    Inaugural IMACE & KALDAT joint conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • 2019.08.25 KALDAT

    KALDAT Busan Conference: Filler injection for the full face

  • 2019.12.01 KALDAT

    Tear-trough and Nasolabial fold correction with scaffold threads
    The causes and etiology of botulinum toxin resistance

  • 2019.12.8 AMWC

    AMWC (Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress) conference in Shenzhen, China

  • 2020.02.11 Meducation K

    쉽게하는 full face volumizing 쁘띠성형

  • 2020.07.26 KALDAT

    Anything and Everything You Need to Know about Botulinum Toxin
    Indian Band and Mid-Face Volume Restoration with Scaffold Threads (Video)
    Easy to follow botulinum toxin injection method

  • 2020.12.05 KALDAT

    Introduction of Before / After Treatment Cases Using Markview

  • 2021.04.25 KALDAT

    Mid-face volume restoration with scaffold threads

  • 2021.09.24 CHAMEDITECH

    Introduction of HA Fillers with Smart Rheological Properties-HYAFILIA

  • 2021.09.26 DEMIRE

    HA 필러를 이용한 Natural Face 만들기

  • 2021.12.05 KALDAT

    Safe and Effective Correction of Hawk Nose and Crooked Nose with Fillers
    Indian Band and Mid-Face Volume Restoration with Scaffold Threads

  • 2022.04.02 AMWC

    20th AMWC (Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress) conference in Monaco

  • 2022.05.01 KALDAT

    Multi-Layered Rejuvenation using HA Filler and Skin Booster (Human Fibroblast Cultured Media)
    Understanding the Function of Essential Phospholipids and Treatment of Obesity using Oral PPC Formulations

  • 2022.07.07 Hugel

    Reason Symposium: A New Generation Skinbooster

  • 2022.12.22 Hugel

    Hugel End of Year Festival lecture: Reason of BYRYZN

  • 2023.03.12 KAOT

    눈밑고랑 & 눈가 눈밑주름: 다크서클, 눈밑고랑, 눈가 눈밑주름 등 해결책

  • 2023.03.23 Hugel

    GLAM(Global Aesthetics Masterclass) Lecture and Live-injection workshop with 20 global doctors

  • 2023.04.07 LG

    Facial contouring using LG ShiRuXuan with case sharing and the latest beauty(contouring) trends in Korea (Shanghai, China)

  • 2023.04.23 종근당

    New and Effective Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation and Brightening using Botulinum Toxin and PDRN Combination Therapy

  • 2023.04.23 Hugel

    Hyaluronic Acid Injection for increased Moisture in the Skin

ㆍ연구 업적 (논문)

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    Investigational Dermatology 2018:11 357–363

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    Retrospective Analysis of Combined Treatment with Triple Combination Cream and Hyaluronic Acid Microneedle Patch for Benign
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DR. Kwon hye sung

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